This function bakes the step function selectors and might be useful when creating custom steps.

terms_select(terms, info, empty_fun = abort_selection)



A list of formulas whose right-hand side contains quoted expressions. See rlang::quos() for examples.


A tibble with columns variable, type, role, and source that represent the current state of the data. The function summary.recipe() can be used to get this information from a recipe.


A function to execute when no terms are selected by the step. The default function throws an error with a message.


A character string of column names or an error of there are no selectors or if no variables are selected.

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library(rlang) library(modeldata) data(okc) rec <- recipe(~ ., data = okc) info <- summary(rec) terms_select(info = info, quos(all_predictors()))
#> [1] "age" "diet" "height" "location" "date" "Class"